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Budget preparation in F&E's format (California)
Your budget will be activity based and designed as a management planning tool.
Financial plans to achieve and maintain your reserves at adequate levels
Program fiscal analysis 
Don't scrap a program if your costs include allocated overhead, until a good cost analyst has determined the real cost implications.
Interim financial management
We can help you on a consulting basis if you have lost a key financial person, or are experiencing financial difficulties. We can keep your information flow up to date, provide timely financial statements (with solvency analysis)and help you in the search for a replacement.
Alternative revenue strategies
We can help you evaluate alternative proposals for revenue generating activities.
Business plans
A business plan is a great management tool unless it sits on a shelf gathering dust. Wecan help you compile a plan that will be activity based, financially sound, and will contain benchmarks against which you can measure your performance and progress.
SB 1397 and SB 494
If your fairground is at risk you will need to take positive action if you are to stay in control. (see Financially troubled situations below)
Financially troubled situations
The worst management technique is "hope" with no action. When things are not going well remedial action has to be swift and effective before your reserves are all gone. We can help you identify adverse trends and red flags and put together an action plan while you still have the chance.

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