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Management and Cost Accounting, Taxation, Fiscal Management, and Business Development. We are accountants, (numbers people) We can assist in a variety of different situations, whether you are experiencing growing pains,a difficult financial situation requiring turnaround skills, budget management, buying a business, and/or needing high level taxation consulting.

Gary S. Riccio

Gary graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He is partner in charge of taxation and estate planning of Gary S. Riccio is a California licensed CPA. Gary has represented taxpayers before the taxing authorities; been appointed by the Court as liquidating partner of several real estate limited partnerships; handled the arrangements of deferred tax payments for estates under I.R.S. code section 6166; successfully petitioned the tax court resulting in abatement and mitigation of penalties; negotiated acceptable installment arrangements for individuals; advised on tax advantages of alternative business structures; performed business valuations for gift and estate tax purposes; is trustee of life insurance and other irrevocable trusts, is experienced in the preparation of federal estate tax returnsand various trust income tax returns including charitable remainder trusts. He is a member of the Sacramento Estate Planning Council.

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